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Our Staff


Francisco, Veterinary Technician

Veterinary technician Francisco Javier is an active person who enjoys incorporating holistic practices into his life through nutrition and natural remedies.  His favorite part of work is that he is constantly learning new things.

He moved to AZ from his hometown in San Pedro, CA and has been adjusting to his new life here in the desert.

He used to run the coast of his hometown daily.  He still runs regularly but now he enjoys hikes to view the nature AZ has to offer.  His own pets are named Midnight (Labrador) and Patotas (Cat).

Every day he strives for excellence in both work and lifestyle.



Brizeida, Veterinary Assistant

Brizeida is a fun loving and cheerful veterinary assistant here at Leo Vet Care.

She loves to express herself through nail art.  Camping is her favorite activity and she goes on yearly trips with her family to enjoy nature.  She is very curious to learn about holistic care and now working here she has been inspired to incorporate it into her day to day life. 

Brizeidas favorite thing at work is the calm environment.  She brings in both Chloe and Sassy for their primary care needs.