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Brizeida, Veterinary Assistant

Brizeida, Veterinary Technician

Brizeida is a fun loving and cheerful veterinary technician here at Leo Vet Care.

She loves to express herself through nail art.  Camping is her favorite activity and she goes on yearly trips with her family to enjoy nature.  She is very curious to learn about holistic care and now working here she has been inspired to incorporate it into her day to day life. 

Brizeidas favorite thing at work is the calm environment.  She brings in both Chloe and Sassy for their primary care needs.


Picture of MaxMax, Veterinary Technician

Max is a veterinary technician at Leo Veterinary Care. Born in Oklahoma on the Muscogee (Creek) Reservation, he is proud of his Native American heritage and his spiritual connection to animals. Currently he is taking college courses to get his bachelor's in Animal Health and Behavior. Driven by his love for animals and psychology, we joined the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants. He is working towards getting a Certified Professional Bird Trainer - Knowledge Assessed certification as well as a Certified Parrot Behavior Consultant certification. That being said, Max is very enthusiastic about avians!

He has two parakeets at home, Pippin and Disco, alongside a dog name Callisto. In the future he hopes to work at a zoo or wildlife sanctuary as an animal trainer/behaviorist and veterinary technician, taking an integrative approach to the care and enrichment of the animals. 

In his free time Max likes to create textiles as well as digital art, sewing, crochet, knitting and beadwork.