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Leo Veterinary Care is such a beautiful clinic. The atmosphere is so relaxing & has that zen like feel to it. And it is the cleanest animal clinic I have ever been in! Dr Tan is such a loving compassionate veterinarian. I knew my granddog Diesel, & my kitten Jack were in very capable hands at her clinic. Diesel responded well to accupuncture & laser therapy for lameness in his back leg. Jack was neutered there today. It was not a routine neuter because he was bilaterally cryptorchid. Dr Tan did an awesome job & Jack is recovering well. All of her staff are friendly & caring people as well. I highly recommend this clinic. - Debbie O.

Such a welcoming atmosphere. I always feel better, I can only imagine how my 3 dogs feel and they are the ones receiving treatment. Sophie, who can be nervous when visiting "THE VET," is relaxed and happy to see Dr. Tan. You can see her making herself at home in the waiting room. I believe integrating traditional and holistic medicine is what is working to heal my dog's Valley Fever. She was not progressing on the prescription alone. So glad I found Dr. Tan who brings both of these perspectives. - Janet D.

Dr. Tan is very nice. You can tell she cares and is very thorough. The staff seemed so nice and happy. I live a little far and the drive is worth it to me. I love that Dr. Tan practices both eastern and western medicine. It gives me peace of mind that I have found a good place for my pets! - Kyler L.

Dr. Tantiyatyanon is not only an incredible veterinarian but a healer as well. Her calm and loving disposition is felt throughout the clinic, the staff and throughout each visit and is perceived incredibly well by the patients themselves. My dogs love "Dr. Tan". I trust her wholeheartedly with my pets and never felt more comfortable anywhere. As a holistic physician myself, I prefer using less invasive methods of treatment whenever possible first and foremost and Leo Veterinary Clinic is the ideal place for that. - Richard S.

Dr. Tan is an outstanding holistic veterinarian skilled in compassionate care for my 15 year old golden retriever, Sage. Regular acupuncture and cold laser treatments have kept her moving with a great quality life. I’m grateful to have Dr. Tan as our vet.- Lauren S.

Dr. Tan came into my dogs' lives after our regular vet gave us dire news about one of my dog's spondylosis of the spine. That was 39 months ago. I would not give up on her, so I decided to try acupuncture. We'd already tried cold laser therapy with her and it seemed to do some good.

From the first acupuncture treatment in December, 2013, my Clumber Spaniel Pumpkin has done amazing. We have acupuncture and cold laser or massage therapy every two weeks, and can definitely tell the difference if we skip a week. Clumber Spaniels generally live to be about 12 years old at the most, and Pumpkin is now 15 1/2.

Dr. Tan has also treated our other two dogs with cold laser and Chinese herbs. She found an osteosarcoma on one of their legs, and treated that dog with Chinese herbs and acupuncture. She lived almost ten months after that. She also treated my 16-year old Cocker Spaniel who had a myriad of problems her entire life.

I am happy to give a testimony to the acupuncture treatment. Dogs are not influenced according to how they're supposed to feel after acupuncture; rather, I can tell more easily by the elimination of pain and her mobility. It truly works wonders with her.

I would strongly encourage anyone to contact Dr. Tan, especially if you want to try some alternative treatments that may give you and your pet precious additional months together. - Martha B.

My name is Anna and I am writing this to say that acupuncture has changed my dog’s life! Gunny has severe allergies, and used to be extremely shy. He has been receiving treatments for both for a year now. The difference is nothing short of miraculous. When gunny was tested for allergens there were very few things he was not allergic to, and was started on injections and steroids. A friend recommended Dr. Tan to me and after several treatments Gunny was coming out of his shell, having less fear, and becoming more relaxed. Then his allergies started to become more even with less and less bad days. We recently started laser therapy and I am amazed at his progress. Gunny is now able to go without his injections and is able to play in the grass without a serious attack. I cannot say enough great things about the personal energy, caring attitude, and her devotion to helping Gunny achieve the best life possible, a life without shots and pills! Here’s Gunny enjoying his treatment

Hello.......This testimonial is from Candace and Derik Craig, our pet's name is Sugar and we appreciate all that you have done and continue to do for our family, Dr. Tan!!!!

Dr. Tan was discovered as a referral that offers home Vet care with a holistic approach, which had not been tried out on my 3 year old Pit/Lab mix who was diagnosed by her regular vet with a moderate case of hip dysplasia.  My dog, Sugar, had not improved with the anti-inflammatory pills prescribed and rapidly got worse at such a young age where she couldn't run and walk the long distances she used to.  Also, her gait was slow and with a limp, making it difficult for her to jump and stay active.  When Dr. Tan took us on, her initial evaluation was not only confirming the hip dysplasia but also discovered that Sugar could have a possible knee tear that was contributing to the gait problem.  After the first acupuncture and cold laser treatment we started to see Sugar walking with no limp!  It was an amazing and effective treatment our dog received that improved her overall health and well being.  After 2 1/2 months of Dr. Tan performing her special healing skills, Sugar's limp has not returned.  Dr. Tan's professionalism and compassion to not only Sugar, but to my other 2 dogs, my husband and myself has been a wonderful and healing experience.  We have learned so much more than we expected and it has been received with open arms!  We will continue to receive treatment with this holistic approach because Dr. Tan has made us believers in this beautiful healing she does.

Thank you Dr. Tan for all you do for us and for the precious animals in this world that need you!


Candace and Derik

Craig Sugar, Soly and Rico too


"Hi, I have a beautiful Chocolate Labrador named Allie. A year ago, she started to limp, and so I did what most would do and had all the necessary tests / xray's, but still nothing was showing up. By the 6th month, the limping was getting worse and she was starting to head-bob when she would walk. We went from an hour long walk a day to a 20 min walk a day, in a month. I wasn't sure what to do. I thought she wasn't going to make it, she was in pain and had inflammation. So, we went to an Orthopedic Specialist and found out she had a rotator-cuff issue and maybe a ligament tear, in her left front shoulder. They suggested we get an MRI and do surgery to repair it. So I started looking for alternative therapy, and luckily came across Dr. Tan! who is by far the most caring and knowledgeable veterinarian, I've ever met. With Dr. Tan's help of Herbal Medicine, Cold Laser Therapy and Acupuncture, Allie is no longer limping!! Within a week we could see a difference and within a month Allie was no longer limping at all, and back to her normal self and routine of walking and (yes) jogging. We got our girl back, thanks to Dr. Tan! We are truly grateful for her help.



Our dog, Roxie (Dachshund), has a chronic back condition and the treatments we were providing her were not helping. A friend of mine told me her Vet’s dog was being treated by another holistic Vet who was using acupuncture treatments, and the Vet’s dog was showing a dramatic improvement in her back condition. So through Friendship Pet Hospital I was introduced to Dr. Felicitas Tantiyatyanon and started treatments right away on my Roxie. Roxie’s back condition greatly improved within a few short months and we were amazed that her appetite improved as well. We are continuing Dr. Tan’s treatment on our dog so that her back doesn’t get any worse and the improvement we saw is maintained. I would highly recommend Dr. Tan to any dog owner who’s pet has a chronic back or leg condition. We are so fortunate we found Dr. Tan, and she is able to come to our home and treat our Roxie. Dr. Tan is a wonderful Vet, and is very sensitive to our pets needs and personalities. Thank you Dr. Tan!!!

Patricia Druckman

Fountain Hills AZ


Dr. Tan, The acupuncture and laser treatments given to "Kitty" with your professional knowledge and loving kindness has given us time together that I thought was long gone. The outcome has been beyond my expectations.

My sincere thanks,

Patty Sprawls

Fountain Hills, AZ


"I have tremendous gratitude for Dr. Felicitas Tantiyatanon.   My beloved Labrador, Doc, was diagnosed with Laryngeal Paralysis a year or so ago.  Laryngeal Paralysis is a condition where   the nerves and muscles that control the movements of one or both arytenoid cartilages of the larynx cease to function, and instead of opening during inspiration and closing during swallowing, the arytenoids remain stationary in a somewhat neutral position.    It is heart breaking to observe the consequences of this in your pet.   Doc’s ability to cool himself even in our air conditioned home, and the limits on his exercise turned him from a playful, fun middle-aged dog into a tired, convalescing dog.   His mother, Chocolate, who was also our pet, experienced the same condition and died within twenty-four hours of a surgery to remedy the condition.  I was not prepared t put Doc through that surgery, yet the quality of his life was diminishing.  Thankfully I found Dr. Tan.   Dr. Tan has been treating Doc using acupuncture and Chinese herbs.   It’s so great that she comes to our home so the stress of a visit to the vet, one of Doc’s least fun things to do, is eliminated.  Doc experienced initial improvement immediately; and the improvement has continued and sustained even after breaks in the treatment.  Doc is back to his playful, sweet self.  And I am overjoyed."



To see our Pebbles struggle mightily to rise and move around was heartbreaking. Our Luke AFB vet recommended Dr. T. and it has been the best thing we could have done for Pebbles. Pebbles moves around much better, quicker, and you can sense that she feels much better as well.